Annual Retreat

Bank Holiday Weekends are the best. It’s that pause from work that feels like a chance to catch a breather. Sometimes with our busy and hectic lives, we lose sight of what we are doing and where we are going. This year’s BCEC Annual Retreat is a welcome break on our journey, and for both the Adult side and the Youth side, we’ll be learning more about our full life with God.

Life In Christ Jesus: From Corinth to the Mailbox

Our speaker, Rich Boothroyd is the Oxford Team Leader with Agapé Ministries. Join us as we discover how the struggles for the church in Corinth reflect our own challenges today.

The Corinthian church has not fully understood how the cross affects their day to day lives. They were focused on status, self-progression, selfishness and appearing to be spiritual. We could say that there was too much Corinth in the Corinthians! When we neglect to apply the cross and resurrection to our lives, our lives can be shaped too much by the world around us. Paul helps the Corinthians fully grasp their calling to be holy people and be truly spiritual.

‘From Corinth to the Mailbox’ will excite us, challenge us and move us forward in our relationship with Jesus.

Living It Large

James Tang, BCEC’s very own, will be speaking at this year’s Teen Retreat, on the topic – Living It Large. Based off of Rick Warren’s book Purpose Driven Life, it will challenge the teens to ask and discover what it is that they live for – and how to live their lives for Christ.

Discover that a full and large life is more than just Going Large at McDonalds.

The Details
Place: Pioneer Centre
Dates: August 27-29 (7pm Friday to 1pm Sunday)
Cost: Adults: £110
Students: £100
13-16: £75
4-12: £50
under 3’s free!

Download an application form!


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The BCEC is a growing community of Christians who worship in the city of Birmingham, UK. We're a community that's open to all people, and provide a safe and friendly environment to find support, care, and encouragement.

Our English Sunday Worship starts at 9.45am. We have a variety of speakers who share from God’s Word. We also have a variety of cell groups that meet in homes all around the city.

Sunday Service

Our English Sunday Worship starts at 9.30am every week. We have a variety of speakers who share from God’s Word.

English 9:45 - 11:15
Cantonese 13:00 - 14:30
Mandarin 15:30 - 17:00

Our Address
14 Upper Gough St
B1 1JG




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